Artificial Pitch Maintenance in Broomhill

Artificial Pitch Maintenance in Broomhill

If you have an artificial sports surface, then you will know about the importance of carrying out regular cleaning.

Synthetic Surface Cleaning in Broomhill

Synthetic Surface Cleaning in Broomhill

It is important to have a maintenance plan set up so that you can stick to it and carry out regular surface cleaning.

Artificial Sports Surface Maintenance in Broomhill

Artificial Sports Surface Maintenance in Broomhill

There are many different types of pitch maintenance which we are able to carry out and we have specialist cleaning services available.

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Artificial Surfaces Maintenance in Broomhill

We are experts in completing artificial surfaces maintenance in Broomhill IV18 0 and we have years of experience in the industry. We work with providers who have a strong reputation for providing high-quality, dependable, and most importantly, cost-effective service. Our goal is to provide each customer with well-targeted, individually tailored programs.

Professionals always ensure that a good quality upkeep package is put in place to begin immediately after installing an artificial sports pitch. Many contractors across the UK supply and install synthetic turf pitches and claim they are ‘maintenance free’; however, this is not the case.

By thoroughly maintaining your surface, it can dramatically increase the life span of synthetic fibres whilst ensuring it works to its maximum potential. In addition, an artificial grass pitch must often meet the national governing body standards, which includes: FIFA, The FA, RFL (Rugby Football League), RFU (Rugby Football Union), FIH, IAAF, ITF, and IATS. 


With many different types of synthetic sports surfacing used in the UK, it is beneficial to have an upkeep programme in place that is bespoke to the pitch and playing characteristics needs. We offer various services for all different sports surfaces, including hockey pitch cleaning and maintenance of multi-use games areas.

It is the role of the caretaker or keeper of an artificial surface at schools, colleges, leisure centres, sports clubs and universities across the country to ensure they are regularly checking for damaged areas of synthetic turf and whether the infill levels are as they should. If the infill becomes too low, this can cause the fibres to wear away much more quickly and result in repairs that may not be within the organisation's budget.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts by completing the contact form, and we will reply back with some helpful advice on the costs for maintenance services.

Maintaining Synthetic Turf Sport Pitches

Types of artificial turf sport surfacing maintenance include:

  • Grooming – Power grooming of synthetic grass surfacing with specialised maintenance machinery.
  • Drag Mat/Drag Brushing - Redistributing the infill on the surface to ensure porosity and SUDS compliance.
  • Decompaction/Deep Clean – Decompacting sand or rubber infill to make sure permeable system.
  • Moss and Algae Treatment – Using chemical treatments on surfacing to prevent moss, algae and weeds.
  • Repairs – Making minor repairs to areas of heavy use, including topping up infill and resurfacing.
  • Rejuvenation – Using compressed air machinery at an angle to remove dirty infill and rejuvenate the system.
  • Resurfacing - Full resurface of old worn 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G artificial grass sports carpets.
  • Upgrading – Upgrading an old sand filled surface by installing the latest third generation technology grass.

Artificial turf pitches need regular testing to make sure that they are working correctly. The assessments that occur include compaction testing, turf depth testing, porosity testing, surface performance testing and surface safety testing. In addition, owners need to have the surfaces tested annually to assess whether the synthetic surfacing still meets the standards set out by the national governing body.

The assessment will then determine whether the artificial surfacing needs repairs, infill decompaction, infill replacement and new surfacing upgrade. Regular maintenance is essential with any sports surface, particularly for MUGA court facilities used regularly for many different activities.

Maintaining synthetic turf sport pitches

Fill out our contact form today for more information regarding the upkeep of artificial grass pitches in the UK or budget costs for a bespoke maintenance programme. We will be in touch with all the necessary maintenance advice. We can create a customised schedule to ensure that your synthetic turf surfacing is working to its maximum potential for as long as possible. 


Deep Cleaning Sports Surfacing in Broomhill

One of the most important parts of artificial surfaces maintenance in Broomhill IV18 0 and surrounding areas is deep cleaning. Cleaning your synthetic surface correctly can help to redistribute the sand infill and stop the facility from becoming waterlogged. To complete the deep cleaning of your sports facility, you will need to get a professional company with expert knowledge and specialist tools.

We can carry out deep cleaning for all weather pitches at a competitive rate. During the deep cleaning process, the top layer of infill is removed and cleaned, the clean sand is then returned, and moss and algae are removed. Our specialist machine can redistribute the sand evenly, which helps to improve the porosity of the surface. 

If you do not complete regular cleaning and upkeep on all weather pitches near me, the surfacing can become contaminated. If contaminants get onto the surfacing, it can lose its porosity, leading to waterlogging and flooding. So if you notice that your sports facility is starting to hold water, it is vital to get the pitch maintained straight away to prevent more costly repairs. We also offer maintenance for athletics surfaces too.

For more details on athletics maintenance, please click here. There are many maintenance services we provide for athletics, including repairs and deep cleaning. If you'd like more information on the deep cleaning services we carry out, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.

Sports Pitch Resurfacing Near Me

If you have not carried out the necessary maintenance and repairs of your sports pitch over time, we are able to resurface synthetic pitches completely. We can resurface worn out pitches in Broomhill and surrounding areas and replace them with brand new synthetic sports carpets ranging from 2G up to 5G. All-weather pitch resurfacing is great if you want to improve the playing characteristics of your artificial grass surface.

A brand new surface with the best performance properties that meet up to various accreditations. Not only does resurfacing improve the performance properties, but also improves the safety of the pitch. If a school or sports club has an old and worn pitch, it's vital to get the facility resurfaced as soon as possible to ensure the players are safe when playing on the facility. 

What maintenance is required for artificial turf?

Maintaining the structure of your turf requires regularly repositioning the sand infill and blades using a large natural bristle broom for smaller areas, but professional turf brushes are great options for those with expansive areas of turf. 

Regularly removing leaves and debris using a leaf blower, stiff brush or plastic rake is also a good maintenance practice. It is also good to trim hedges and trees often to limit the number of leaves falling onto the lawn. Apply weed killer twice a year to the whole area to prevent weeds from growing and to kill any stray ones.

How do you rejuvenate artificial grass?

Simply sweeping the lawn with a normal broom would solve the problem. The fibres were just flat for a brief time, but they would rise and be seen in all their glory.

Your fake grass will seem to be brand new once more. Aside from normal wear and tear and injuries, artificial turf owners should take a few simple measures to ensure the consistency and durability of their turf.

Artificial turf can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, depending on the application. Cleaning the lawn of debris, rinsing it periodically, and cross grooming it will make artificial turf last a long time.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

Asset management and life expectancy are improved, resulting in the avoidance of premature machinery and equipment maintenance. Due to running on a scheduled basis rather than a crash basis to repair breakdowns, there are fewer overtime charges and more efficient usage of maintenance staff.

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