Sand Filled Pitch Maintenance in Torfaen

Sand Filled Pitch Maintenance in Torfaen

Throughout schools and clubs, sand filled pitch maintenance is done to get rid of any dirt within the surface and stop contamination of moss and algae.

2G Pitch Cleaning in Torfaen

2G Pitch Cleaning in Torfaen

Deep cleaning, drag brushing and rejuvenations are done as proactive and reactive maintenance throughout the year to maintain a safe playing surface.

Sand Filled Surface Repairs in Torfaen

Sand Filled Surface Repairs in Torfaen

If your 2G sand filled pitch becomes damaged and needs a repair, our team can complete this work to fix seams and edges to give back to performance qualities.

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Sand Filled Pitch Maintenance

2G synthetic sports surfaces in Torfaen NP4 7 need regular sand filled pitch maintenance in making sure the infill isn’t compacted, contaminated and creating an unsafe environment. It is always advisable to have a professional external sports surfacing maintenance contractor programme in place. We carry out these services to a high standard so that your sports facility will maintain its playability and safety qualities all year round. The 2G sand filled specification is typically used for football and hockey as it gives the best performance qualities for these sports. However it can also be used for general multi use depending upon the chosen design.

The sand infill which is applied into the artificial carpet is usually the focus of most maintenance visits for this type of surface. The sand filled pitch maintenance and cleaning work should include brushing through the carpet to make sure there is even distribution of sand and also to brush out dirt. Deep cleaning should also take place periodically to get rid of any debris stuck between the fibres. We also apply specialist chemical treatments which stop the growth of algae and moss which occurs when the surfacing gets dirty and compacted. It is extremely important to complete hockey surface maintenance to make sure that the infill is clean and there is no flooding on the facility.

Costs for sand-filled pitch maintenance depend upon the level of work needed as well as the condition of your surface. Other factors like area size, surrounding features and location also have an effect so we need to consider each of these before offering a price. Get in touch with us today via the quick contact box and we will discuss costs and maintenance work in more detail with you.

Maintaining Sand Filled Surfaces Near Me

When maintaining sand-filled surfaces at schools, sports clubs and leisure centres, reactive servicing like repairs and rejuvenation may be completed as part of our professional services. This sort of work is done to tackle any damage or problems which the surface has. Through heavy use over long period of time, synthetic sports pitches can suffer from tears and rips within the carpet. We easily fix a problem like this so feel free to contact us if you've got an artificial 2G field which needs attention.

Rejuvenation is a common process that we carry out when maintaining sand-filled surfaces. This is needed when the surface gets compacted and starts holding water as the porous surface is blocked by debris and dirty infill. Specialist machinery is used to extract the sand and dirt from the artificial carpet, and then a new layer of infill will be put in. When we complete this process, performance qualities on the flooring are usually significantly improved as the field is much cleaner and smoother. If you've got other types of synthetic grass surfacing we also complete maintenance for these which could include 4G pitch cleaning in Torfaen and rejuvenation of sand-dressed carpets.

For advice on what kinds of sand-filled pitch maintenance we can offer in Torfaen NP4 7 and surrounding areas, and the work you can do yourself, please fill in our enquiry form today. Our team are experienced in dealing with numerous sports pitch cleaning and repair projects so they will be able to direct you to the best method for your facility. We also give you a free quote for the work as well as sending over case study examples of previous sand-filled surface upkeep processes we have completed.

What is a Sand Filled Pitch?

A sand filled pitch is a synthetic grass facility which is used for sports like football and hockey since the surface allows the ball to roll smoothly. 2G sand-filled surfacing can be used for multi use games areas near me, where a number of different sports could be played in one area. The synthetic grass is filled with silica sand, which is used to keep the fibres upright creating the best performance and safety characteristics. A sand-filled field can be installed in a number of areas including schools and sports clubs. It is vital that you maintain your sand-filled field to ensure the original properties are not lost. Our specialists carry out excellent upkeep and preservation services to ensure your facility remains safe to use and performing well. 

2G Synthetic Pitch Repair in Torfaen

Overtime your sand-filled field may become damaged and worn out; our professionals can carry out 2G synthetic pitch repair in Torfaen and surrounding areas, to rectify damages and restore the original qualities of the facility. If you notice rips or tears near the seams of your synthetic carpet, we complete seam and joint repairs to make the surfacing look like new. We also have a range of other services available including infill top ups, drag brushing, deep cleaning and general repairs. We offer athletic surface repair also in the event your sand filled track has become damaged. For details on how to maintain your athletics surface please click here If your surface is beyond repair, a full resurface is available although these types of services are generally quite expensive. If you look after your facility and complete regular inspections, you are able to minimise costly repairs like resurfacing. We can create an upkeep plan for you to ensure your 2G sand-filled field remains in the best possible condition to cut back on repairs needed. 

If you require more information regarding the repairs which we can complete for your 2G synthetic facility, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members using the enquiry form on the right. We try to get back to all of our clients as quickly as possible and provide them with informative advice and details on costs and prices. 

Other Services We Offer

Sand-Filled Pitch Decompaction

It is common for sand-filled pitches to become contaminated due to moss and algae on the facility in Torfaen and surrounding areas. There are ways to prevent contamination including a moss and algae treatment, regular drag brushing, grooming and deep cleaning; however sometimes rejuvenation or decompaction is needed. Sand-filled rejuvenation can be done by our specialists in order to prevent waterlogging and flooding of the 2G field. During the rejuvenation process, our experts will extract dirty infill and replace it with clean silica sand. We will then distribute the infill evenly throughout the surface to restore the original performance properties of the facility as well as the safety characteristics. 

For more information on sand filled pitch maintenance in Torfaen NP4 7 and the costs of rejuvenation and other services which we can complete, feel free to fill in our contact form and one of our expert team members will get back to you right away.

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