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Third-generation sports pitches are often installed for use with football and rugby, it's recommended that you have 3G pitch surface maintenance in High Hatton SY4 4 carried out on a regular basis. Artificial grass pitches are great for schools and public sports facilities as they require less maintenance than natural grass and do not get flooded as easily. The advanced technology of 3G grass means that it is durable and has porous qualities so water drains through the carpet and into the ground instead of sitting on top of the surface. In order for it to have natural playing qualities, 3G synthetic turf is infilled with a layer of sand and rubber to help keep the grass upright and cushion players' joints. 

Although these artificial surfaces require less upkeep than real grass, it is very important to apply 3G pitch surface maintenance on a regular basis. We can offer services such as deep cleaning, drag-brushing, chemical treatments and carpet repairs to keep the turf in top condition. This work is done by professional pitch cleaners in High Hatton to ensure that the sand and rubber infill is evenly spread throughout the surface and does not become compacted or contaminated by dirt. For more details on our services please click here https://www.artificialpitchmaintenance.co.uk/shropshire/high-hatton By preventing the build-up of debris in between the synthetic grass fibres, you can maintain the porosity in the sports facility and aid water drainage from the surfacing. 

We are professional sport surfacing cleaners and would be happy to discuss any enquiries you have for synthetic 3G field upkeep and care. Simply fill out our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch to advise you on the costs for cleaning and maintenance of the sports facility near me. 

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3G Turf Cleaning Costs

As with any type of sports surface upkeep, the 3G turf cleaning costs will vary depending upon the size of the area, your location and the conditions of the field. In order to reduce future costs of repairs to your synthetic turf carpet, we always recommend having a proactive preservation plan in place. This is to prevent any problems with drainage, moss and algae growth, or any other types of damage which could affect the performance or safety of your sports facility. Proactive cleaning is a lot more cost-effective in the long term as high levels of damage could lead to the synthetic field needing expensive resurfacing. The 3G pitch maintenance methods apply to various types of sports surfaces including football facilities and rugby pitch areas https://www.artificialpitchmaintenance.co.uk/rugby/shropshire/high-hatton to ensure the flooring is kept clean.

We have worked as synthetic sports field cleaners for many years in leisure centres, schools, universities and clubs to clean and repair these facilities. If you'd like to know more about our 3G pitch upkeep and care services or need to ask about an enquiry, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by filling in the contact form. A member of our specialist team will give you some case studies of the work we have done, as well as discuss the 3G turf cleaning costs.

What is Drag Brushing?

Drag brushing is a maintenance service applied to synthetic pitches; it's an important process when maintaining your 3G pitch, as it distributes the infill evenly throughout the facility preventing contamination within the fibres. Drag brushing is carried out using specialist machinery to spread the infill. It's vital that you get experts to complete this type of maintenance to ensure it's done correctly. Drag-brushing can expand the lifespan of your facility and restore safety and performance properties.

Our specialists can carry out drag brushing in High Hatton SY4 4 and surrounding areas, at competitive rates to meet your budget and maintain your facility. Since upkeep and care are vital when looking after a 3G field, we recommend creating an upkeep schedule with drag-brushing or drag matting included. This will prevent the surfacing from becoming contaminated and stop it from flooding and waterlogging. For more information on the drag-brushing process, please fill in our contact form.

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Sports Pitch Maintenance in High Hatton

Artificial sports pitches like 3G require very little upkeep when compared to natural grass. Although you will still be required to undertake upkeep services if you want your synthetic football field https://www.artificialpitchmaintenance.co.uk/football/shropshire/high-hatton to perform well and remain safe for users. We recommend carrying out regular inspections when maintaining your sports facility to ensure that there are no rips or tears in the surfacing. If you notice damages on the surfacing it is important that you get them repaired as soon as possible. If you get problems repaired quickly you will be able to cut back on costly repairs. However, if you leave damages to develop further, you may need to have a full resurface carried out which could become expensive.

If your sporting facility starts to hold water and you notice it becoming waterlogged or flooded, you will need to include rejuvenation as part of your sports pitch maintenance. This will allow you to remove any contamination and improve the porosity of surfacing. There are a number of ways that you can prevent contamination including regular cleaning, drag-brushing and the application of a specialist moss and algae treatment.

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How to Prevent Contamination of 3G Pitch Near Me

If you're looking for how to prevent contamination of a 3G pitch, you will need to complete the following steps during the upkeep of your facility: 

  • Carry out grooming and drag brushing regularly to redistribute the rubber infill

  • Apply a chemical treatment to the surface to prevent moss and algae contamination

  • Carry out deep cleaning of the surfacing

  • Extract and replace rubber infill to prevent it from getting stuck together deep within the fibres (if necessary)

It is important to act quickly if you find that the surface in High Hatton or surrounding areas, has become contaminated. This is so that contaminants do not cause further damage to your facility including waterlogging and flooding. We carry out a high-quality decompaction service for artificial fields which have become contaminated and we can help you create a plan to prevent contamination from occurring again.

If you'd like more information on 3G pitch surface maintenance in High Hatton SY4 4 and the costs for us to carry out our services, please fill in our enquiry form. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with advice and details on the upkeep of synthetic turf and what you can do to prevent problems from occurring.

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