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Sand-Dressed Surfaces in Strabane BT81 7 require maintenance in keeping the safety and performance characteristics set out by governing bodies like FIH. The International Hockey Federation are accredited to hockey standards and set out strict guidelines to make certain the performance of all weather surfaces meets the hockey testing. 

Sand dressed pitch maintenance is vital in making sure daily that any litter or debris on the surface is removed. This is generally carried out in-house with a quick survey of the area to check for any damaged or vandalised areas. Should you see any repairs need to be carried out this should be done straight away to avoid any further damage to the artificial grass. For more details on the services we can offer please have a look at this page This advice goes for all types of sport surface and it's important to complete upkeep for hard courts, sand-filled pitches and 3G synthetic turf in Strabaneto ensure the best performance qualities.

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Inhouse Maintenance and Cleaning Near Me

In-house maintenance could also include a simple drag mat or drag brush procedure which is basically distributing the sand infill on top of the artificial carpet and this is needed in making sure no moss or algae can start to grow on the surfacing. Moss and algae treatment is needed to the perimeter of the FIH Pitches especially when there are surrounding trees because if weeds can start to grow contamination will quickly get onto the artificial grass and cause drainage issues and possibly flooding. Make sure you fill in our enquiry box with your details if you want to talk about the costs of our sand-dressed pitch cleaning services.

Maintenance to Sand Based Synthetic Hockey Surfaces

Hockey sand-based synthetic turfs near me used to be known as maintenance free and this is definitely not the case when making certain your sand-dressed pitches are kept in pristine condition because lack of upkeep causes many problems with the main issues generally being:

  • Drainage Problems - Holding Water, Puddling, Non-Porous, Waterlogged, Flooding

  • Contamination - Moss and Algae, Weed Growth, Dirt, Dust, Algal Squidge

  • Slippery - Synthetic Turf becomes slippy like an ice rink, Dangerous, Hazardous

  • Synthetic Carpet Damage - Artificial Fibres and Yarns split and become damaged

  • Compaction - Hard Underfoot and starts to play like being on concrete

These issues above are all problems which occur when the artificial FIH pitches are badly maintained over long periods of time. A professional sand-dressed surface upkeep program should be set out with an external professional sports contractor to complete this work. This is because specialised artificial grass preservation machinery and equipment are used in making sure the infill is cleaned and distributed which resolves the majority of issues on artificial surfaces. We can carry out professional preservation services in Strabane BT81 7 and surrounding areas, to keep your sand-dressed facility performing well and looking like new.

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Synthetic Turf Cleaning in Strabane

Deep clean professional brushes, uplifts and cleans the infill removing the dust and contamination before re-distributing it back onto the sports surfacing. This prevents the contamination build up of algal squidge, resolves any drainage issues and prevents the synthetic turf surface from becoming slippery. The deep clean servicing visit is a specialist process which is only carried out by external professional sports contractors in Strabane and surrounding areas, and if you fill out our contact form today a full list of costs and prices can be issued for this specialised process.

Should the surface be neglected then this will definitely lessen the life expectancy of the synthetic turf and resurfacing, renovation and replacement will be the options which can become very expensive. We can also offer rejuvenations in the event the field gets contaminated. To find out about rejuvenation please click here It is always advised to carry out a proactive sand-dressed pitch maintenance program as opposed to reacting to existing problems because it could be too late if the artificial grass is badly damaged and contaminated. If you have other types of synthetic grass surfacing that you require upkeep for, we offer services such as football turf cleaning in Strabane to help with these facilities as well.

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What is a Sand Dressed Pitch?

A sand-dressed pitch is an artificial turf surfacing used for sports like hockey. 2G sand-dressed pitches have a shorter pile height when compared to sand-filled surfacing. The reason why sand-dressed surfacing is great for sports is that it allows the ball to roll smoothly. This type of surfacing can also be used for other sports as part of a multi-use games area, as it has great performance characteristics. For more information on MUGA maintenance please click here It is important to maintain your sand-dressed facility to prevent contamination which could lead to flooding. Our specialists can carry out repairs and preservation to treat your facility and ensure that it is safe to play on.

For further details on specialist sand dressed pitch maintenance in Strabane BT81 7 which include costs, prices, specifications and even upkeep equipment available to purchase for maintaining these surfaces in-house please fill in our contact form and we will strive to get you all the information you need in making certain your FIH pitch is kept in pristine condition.

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